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Build smart meal plans.

2000KCAL is a nutritional tool that evaluates your meal plans and recommends instant improvements.

Recommendations are based on the optimum levels of intake of essential nutrients, and reflect published materials of the WHO and FAO.


2000KCAL provides the following functions

  • Evaluation of meal plans and recommendation for improvement
  • Logging a meal plan for every day
  • Searching for nutritional values of thousands of foods
  • Adding custom food items
  • Tracking +60 nutrients incl. vitamins, minerals, amino acids


Responsibility towards oneself and others

Good eating habits are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and other substances are beneficial to our hair, skin, nails, bones or eyes, and increase our resistance to viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. A good diet can prevent degenerative diseases, facilitate the course of milder ailments, and generally improve and prolong life.

But a healthy lifestyle is not just a private path to happiness. At the time when the general health of the population affects public policy and budgets and may interfere with the rights and freedoms of others, caring for one's own health is becoming a social responsibility.


1. Informed weight loss

You cannot manage weight loos if you do not measure it. 2000KCAL allows you to track your caloric intake and bodyweight in simple charts thus giving you a valuable motivational tool.

Nutritional diagram for a weight loss program showing gradual decrease in energy intake
a happy sleeping child

2. Pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and breastfeeding the requirement for certain nutrients increases, while certain substances are best avoided because they could harm the baby. 2000KCAL allows you to turn on a program for pregnant or breastfeeding women (in Settings), which highlights cited recommendations of authorities such as WHO or FAO.

3. Bodybuilding

2000KCAL allows those with serious knowledge of nutrition to visually analyze their dietary habits and formulate better dietary strategies. Among useful functions are a protein quality evaluation tool and the ability to record sentiments on a daily basis.

girl in suit doing dead lift denoting program for building lean muscle mass
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